Mia Bella




 TXOLAN 2014 - Halter  Show Awards

Hamilton, TX 

We enjoyed showing Motion and Charlotte, attending the show, visiting with alpaca friends and meeting new alpaca friends.   Judge took off points because of their teeth.   This judge said that their teeth can't trim them during a certain period of time before a show. 

​​Victoria was our first Huacaya alpaca. We bought Victoria from Mountain Dream Alpacas.

Randy Marburger  with Charlotte  

A-OK (Oklahoma) Halter Show 2013

​First place winner

 A-OK  2013​ - Fleece Show Awards 

Victoria, 2nd place ribbon, Huacaya age 5

  • Juliet - 3rd place ribbon, Huacaya juvenile


  • Mia Bella - 2nd place ribbon, Suri age 5
  • Romeo - 4th place ribbon, Suri juvenile

A-OK  2013 - Halter Show Awards

Guthrie, OK

Suri Medium Fawn Mature Females

  • ​Motion - awarded 1st place
  • Charlotte - awarded 2nd place

Alpacas in the Orarks 2013 - Halter Show Awards

Fayetteville, AR

Suri Medium Fawn Mature Females

  • Motion - awarded 1st place
  • Charlotte - awarded 2nd place

Alpacas are beautiful animals.   There are many differences in their face (long or short nose) and their body structure.

The Huacayas have a teddy bear look.  A great example is Olivia.   She is just so soft to the touch.

The Suris have the dread lock look.  A great example is Mondavi, who won 1st place iduring the recent TXOLAN show for his age and color class.  Mondavi has a longer locks because he has not been shorn.


Romeo is Mia Bella's cria. I really like his sweet gentle look.

I wish that we could enter him for the alpaca halter shows.  We can't because of  his confirmation (his body structure was not perfect).  that is also why we can't use him as a herdshire,  by the standards of the judges.  He is now a proud, gelding.

Well, he's perfect in my eyes!!  His fleece is just wonderful.  The fiber mills tell us that he's a great fiber animal because of his lock structure.

Huacaya Alpacas 

With our alpacas  we have medium fawns, dark  fawns, light brown, white, and black.

Motion and Charlotte  both won first and second place and the A-OK 2013 Alpaca Show and the 2013 Alpacas in the Ozarks.  

Our mistake was to have a picture with each alpaca when they won first place. 

We stopped bringing them to shows to have them bred.   These females  need to be bred  every year to produce quality crias. 

Sadly, they both lost their cria's supposedly due to West Nile, in the Oklahoma City, OK area 2014.   We are planning on breeding them again June 2015,  since the first time didn't work.    Let's hope for two cria's next Spring 2016.

Motion ended up having cancer, so we had to put her down December 2016.

Charlotte finally had her first cria on May 30, 2017.  We were very excited to see her cria.

She was our ​first Suri female.  

​​We bought Victoria from Mountain Dream Alpacas, one of our favorite  alpaca farms.

​​​​​Olivia was expecting her first cria around March 2015 and I am sad to say that her cria died during birth on March 23, 2015.   Her cria, a boy, was buried on our property in Brenham, TX

We decided not to bred her again, since she would need a C section with each birth of a cria. 

Suri Alpacas

Introducing Our Alpaca Family

Our Alpacas, Alpaca Shows, and Awards.

Victoria with Juliet, her cria

TXOLAN 2015 - Halter Show Awards

Ft Worth, TX 

Randy took Cinnamon and Mondavi in the show ring.  

  • Cinnamon - awarded 4th place
  • Mondavi  - awarded 1st place

He is our year old cria. We purchase from Oklahoma, from Rock 'n D Enterprises LLC.  He has won first place in the halter ring, TXOLAN 2015..   When he is old enough to be our herdshire he will produce beautiful cria's. 

We purchased Alpachae, Motion, and Charlotte in  package deal.   They have each won 1st place, for their color and age.


Motion and Charlotte (right) attended alpaca shows, in Oklahoma and Arkansas.  Each won first place, at the alpaca shows. 



TXOLAN 2015 Halter Show Mondavi first place winner